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Trouser Alterations

Service Price
Shorten with Turn Up From £12.35
Shorten / Lengthen From £9.25
Take In Waist From £13.40
Let Out Waist From £13.40
Sew Up Crutch £7.20
Fit Fly Zip From £10.30
New Buttons £2.00 each
Sew in Permanent Creases £9.99
Taper Leg From 17.50
Re-Line Trousers From £32.50
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Shirt & Blouse Alterations

Service Price
Sew in Darts £6.15
Shorten Sleeves From £10.30
Turn Collar From £9.25
Turn Cuffs From 7.40
Shorten T Shirts From £6.15
Shorten Blouse From £7.20
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Skirt & Dress Alterations

Service Price
Fit New Zip (Skirt) From £10.30
Fit New Concealed Zip From £12.35
Shorten Plain Skirt From £9.25
Shorten Pleated Skirt From £15.45
Shorten or Lengthen with Lining From £11.30
Let Our Waist From £15.45
Take In Waist From £15.45
Let Out Hips From £15.45
Take In Waist & Hips From £21.80
New Dress Zips From £10.30
Half Re-Line Skirt From £26.10
Complete Re-Line Skirt From £29.10
Re-Line Dress From £43.50
Restitch Seams From £7.20
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Coat & Overcoat Alterations

Service Price
Re-Line Gents Coat From £69.10
Re-Line Ladies Coat From £59.35
Re-Line Sleeves From £14.55
Shorten Coat From £25.75
Lengthen Coat From £25.75
Patch Under Armpit From £9.25
Fit New Buttons From £2.00 (Each)
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Household Fabric Alterations

Service Price
Shorten Curtains From £10.80
Nets Shortened From £5.65
Cushion Zips From £12.35
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Need Help?

If you need help with your order or assistance with any of our services give us a call on:

0787 2944 027


Because accidents happen we offer a full range of dry cleaning services.

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